HOW TO INCREASE VISITOR BLOG - Blog visitors or who are usually known as traffic are very important benefits and functions. Besides being able to increase the trust of blog readers, a lot of visitors will also have an impact on financial income.

Before We Give Tricks and Tips on How to Increase Visitors we must first understand and identify what causes a lonely Blog.
Blogs are quiet because of several factors and we must continue to monitor it to get more traffic or visitors.
With many visitors coming to our blog, it is possible that our blog will become famous and step by step it is necessary to continue to do research so that our blog is not lonely and will always be flooded with organic visitors.

HOW TO INCREASE VISITOR BLOG There are two ways to get visitors, among others;
- Through Organic Search 
- Through Non Organic Search
Both ways need to be understood first because each has its own advantages and disadvantages,
Organik Seach
For fellow Blogger mania Source of Traffic The best is from…

Need Some Old Blogs Can Make Money?

Need Some Old Blogs Can Make Money? 1 1 year 3 month ~
Need Some Old Blogs Can Make Money? only 1 year 3 months One (1) year three (3) months after everything is running, August 17, 2017, adsense starts to produce.
From one year before, I had not enjoyed any results.
start trying zonk results, rose again banned results, Try hoeing  BTC thought legit it turned out to be a scam, Favors that you lie?
Need Some Old Blogs Can Make Money?There you can talk, (you never sleep tonight do you?)

Instantly my heart was torn to shreds, screwed up like a green balloon erupting in between 5 balloons that were held tightly.
Is it hopeless? No !!
I still continue to pump up the spirit of 45 behind the beautiful greeting of neighbors, my friends even though my own alone that makes ears and brains as stereo.
Calm down, wait a minute, warm your heart up, there is plenty of time for you to start ѕаmраі when you pick it up. (groans in my heart)

And it turns out that it's true. Alhamdulilahirobillalamin ...
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How to Jack Old Articles on Google Serp-Maybe some friends have felt the article that we wrote on the blog that initially perched good on the Google SERP, it suddenly dropped dramatically even though there was a loss of Google search. we write that sagging on search engines there are several factors:

Because the competition of keywords or keywords there is also a way of elaboration of our translation that is less good than other blogs, as well as duplicate content and many of the factors that cause the article to fall in rank.
So, is there a solution so that our article or content is back in a good position? well that's what I will explain in this article this time How To Make Blogs or Articles Survive On Google Serp.
The initial cause is because there is a natural link to the content or because we have to do excessive optimization. To make our old articles back in a good position there are some tips that we have to do is:
1. Removing all the li…


Tips on Internal Seo Link on Blogger- On the occasion, thank God I have a little time and that I will use it to update the blog. It feels pretty long if I don't update this blog, there is also a sense.

And this time the material will be about the internal links. Maybe some of you have already known about the understanding of the internal links on the blog, but it doesn't have any harm to you before and don't know.
Seo Tips on Building Internal Links for Bloggers.
A. Contextual Link.
Contextual links and anchor text or backlinks that are embedded in a blog post that leads to other blog posts that might be useful for readers as references or enhancers to the list of topics that we are discussing.
B. Articles or Posts That Are Linked or Related.

Recommend the content of posts that are related or related by adding certain parts to each post.

In this way, it will lead visitors to click on posts or articles that are related or have similarities  if it is …


TIPS TO MAKE ARTICLES ON THE INTERNET -  Internet-internet articles have become the lifestyle of most citizens of the world's cities. When someone opens the internet, many articles that they can get to broaden their understanding. 

And from just finding the article then reading it, many netizens who turned and were interested in writing the article also to express the contents of his thoughts.
Now this internet has provided various channels to express the contents of their thoughts, starting from just 'say hello', giving comments, and in the end making expressions that are several lengths of paragraphs. 
The free blogsite has made it possible for netizens to upload articles to the internet, so that they can be found and then read by many other netizens.
Occasionally, articles uploaded to the internet are present in chaos, both in writing, in order, in order, as well as in the style of language. 
TIPS MAKE ARTICLES ON THE INTERNETArticles like this inevitably make netizens who r…